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Novels - A Tour Guide to Utopia

A Tour Guide to Utopia - Stories by Lucy Sussex

A new collection of award winning stories from one of Australia's most celebrated writers of the fantastic.  Epic, ethereal and earthy; stories of strong and funny characters, full of human foibles; stories about ideas, stories that walk you to the edge of the comfortable world and set your feet along the invisible line.  Smart and compelling, inventive and challenging, this is speculative fiction at its very best.  Take a walk with a master story teller, your world won't be the same when you  next open your eyes.

From the Afterword: "A Tour Guide in Utopia selects stories from the 1990s to the new Noughties, all more or less written in the fantastic mode. Looking at them I can see a different me at work, and no doubt there are things I would do differently now. I can see reflections of landscape, personally experienced, also fragments of the autobiographical.

I have said elsewhere that I write because I get a buzz out of chasing words down a page-otherwise, why bother? And if I communicate that buzz to someone else, all the better."

"A remarkable fusion of form and content, and an amazingly sure-footed journey along the very edge of uncertainty" - Peter McNamara.

ISBN 0975785206
Format Paperback
Category Speculative Fiction
Publisher MirrorDanse Editions
Publication Date August 2005

Cover by Deborah Klein


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